Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?

I just bought Synergistic Research's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and Tesla Vortec interconnects from The Cable Company. I have tried many demo cables from The Cable Company over the past year. These were the first to give me that WOW factor I been looking for so long.

Does anyone have these cables and can you please post your impressions and comments? Thanks.
Antonkk: If you are looking for the best sound, the new Element cables are in my experience (and so far, I've only tried the interconnects), quite noticably more dynamic and detailed and throw a larger, more layered soundstage. The Tungsten in particular rachets up the "being there" sensation a few notches from even the Tesla Apex. I recently acquired the Copper and after a few more days of burning in (and now I realize that the "used" cables I got were essentially brand new) transformed quite significantly over the first 50 hours. The mids and highs in particularly fleshed out quite significantly. Overall, I think the Copper is nearly the equal of Tesla Apex in the mids and highs, with a slightly better soundstage and much more defined bass and overall better PRAT. I promptly sold the Apex. The Apex retailed for triple the Copper and almost double the Tungsten so it's quite the accomplishment.

If you don't mind eating 40% depreciation in the first year buying the Element new, then you'll be happy with it. Or be even happier if you can find it second hand in the near future.
If one has Tesla Accelerator bi-wire for all 5 channels in a home theatre set-up, would the Tesla Element series be a huge upgrade in quality for the money? At least for the main front speakers. Thx in advance.

Regards Bacardi
Bacardi, I would say that the Element Copper would be a huge upgrade over Tesla Accelerator for the money in a 5 channel system, especially the bass.
I just tried the Synergistic New Tesla Line with my Magicos. I ve tried a lot of different cables and finally i droped at the Audioquesr WEL. The Synergistic New Tesla Line is different in sound and i can not say which one is absolute better.
Good news -

Changing the ICs from source to preamp within the SR line yielded a much greater sonic improvement than I expected. System got significantly more musical and organic, resolution and clarity increased, and bass got tighter, a bit deeper and seemingly faster, if that makes sense. The total presentation got considerably more balanced - the funny thing is that I didn't realize there were several imbalances until the new ics "fixed" them. My speakers have finally really "come alive". :-)

I didn't realize my Tesla Apex ics were a system choke point until I put in the new demos (Element series: Copper-Tungsten-Silver) between my CD player and preamp. Sound-stage also got wider, deeper and the imaging got even better. As a few of my audio buddies remarked, witnessing the pretty substantial improvements in so many areas - "WOW"!!

I may also try the CTS balanced from my Preamp to Amps (VAC 300.1s). I just changed this run from Precision Ref rcas to balanced, which pretty dramatically lowered my noise floor - not sure I want to change them out this quickly. In addition, a 2.5m balanced pair of CTS ics gets very, very pricey. I probably ought to first compare the cable geometries, etc.

John at the Cable Company has been a pleasure to work with as I continue my quest towards audio nirvana.