Synergistic Looking Glass IC for solid state ?

I know that Synergistic Research developed the looking glass IC for use in tube equipment but was wondering if anyone had any experience using it with solid state components with any luck. Thanks in advance.
Tic; several years ago I was auditioning ICs and speaker cables from The Cable Co., and they sent me Luminesence, Kaleidoscope, and Looking Glass ICs to try. At the time, I had a Sonic Frontiers Line SFL 1 pre-amp (single tube hybrid), and a McCormack DNA-1Dlx SS amp, w/ Vand. 2Ce spkrs.

In a nutshell, w/ the Looking Glass ICs from pre to amp, music was too bright and analytical for my taste, and from DAC to pre I much preferred the Luminesence, w/ the Kaleidoscope from pre to amp. The effect was much like the difference between the Syn Res Sig. #2, and Sig. #3 spkr cables.

I like SR ICs though and now use Lum. + Kal. Phase 2 Active Shieled w/ SF Line2 SE pre and McCormack DNA-0.5 Gold Rev., and Vand 5 spkrs. Cheers. Craig
Looking Glass w/ solid state works well for me in a couple of cases. These are the MKII's with active shielding, but are not the latest X-series Looking Glass.
1. Tuner to pre
2. to / from cassette machine
3. to / from reel to reel machine