Synergistic Integrated and CDP under 5k

I really like simplicity in my system and am looking for an integrated amp that has natural synergy with a cdp. Tubes or SS. I run Tyler 2 way floorstanders at 89db. Musical taste is varied. I'm currently using a very nice setup that includes an Onix Sp3 and EE Minimax cdp. For what this combo costs I get a lot of music.

Examples would be:
Ayre AX-7e Integrated and cdp
CJ CA-200 and UDP 1

Budget is 5k total. I would like to hear from Audiogoners who own the equipment vs. hearing it at a show once or guessing.

Thanks to All
From a purely musical perspective, the Ayre combo will be very tough to beat (I own the AX-7e integrated with the earlier CX-7 myself). Make sure to have heard it before you decide!

Your choice may however be influenced by other considerations as well, in particular:

Marantz PM 11 S1 plus SA 11 S1 (even better SA 11 S2, but I guess that will probably bust the budget constraints) for good integrated phono stage and SACD (I heard these at the dealer's a while ago).

T+A E-Series "Power Plant" plus "Music Player". The Power Plant is a switch-mode amp, very stable with big power and ultra-wide bandwidth; the Music Player is first and foremost a very good cdp, but including network streaming client, iPod connectivity, dac for external digital equipment, etc., have a look here:
(btw they also offer the cd player without the server functionality)
Heard at the Munich fair.

I've had great luck and a very satisfying experience with the CJ CA-200/Musical Fidelity CD-308 combo driving Proac D-25's. One of the critical improvements was to upgrade the powercords from the stock ones to something nice (in my case, Virtual Dynamics). The sound is neither solid state nor tuby, on a slighter darker side (silver wires would bring out the extra sparkle, if so desired). No intention to change or upgrade anything, no more swapping equipment. Done!
Karelfd, regrading the Ayre integrated, I've read where you really have to use it with balanced interconnects for it to be a top performer. Any truth to this?

Alex,I really like the looks and power of the CJ but read several times where it can be lean in the bass. I like a nice foundation to the music. Did the CJ sound lean?
Gooddomino, don't worry, the combo is a winner with rca interconnects as well. I presently use AMR IC-77 (the ICs that come with the CD-77; need to update my systems page), but as I keep reading about the gear being even better with balanced ICs I have grown very curious myself and have recently ordered a set of Virtual Dynamics Nite balanced ICs. I guess they will arrive some time next week (depending on how long customs want to sit on them, what a drag ...)
No, the CJ did not sound lean at all. Also, your source will be very important in providing the maximum fulness of sound you desire. Musical Fidelity has been great in this department as well. However, the power cords upgrade did tighten the bass significantly. Read the ecstatic reviews about the CA-200 on the web!
I've had the T+A and Ayre AX-7e in my system. The T+A is a clear winner with better mids, clarity, more open soundstage and better dynamics. I found the Ayre slightly lean with a couple pairs of speakers. It's a fantastic SS amp, best I've owned, but make sure it pairs well with your speakers. Never heard the CJ.