Synergistic HFT’s with Martin Logan’s

Is anyone using synergistic HFT/FEQ with Martin Logan’s, or any other panel or electrostatic-speakers? Any placement notes??? I was thinking I could expand my sweet spot... I started with 12 HFT and ended up creating this space that sounds huge... notes just hang in the air forever. The speakers are still there, but I haven’t received my FEQ yet, and I haven’t done the speaker HFT speaker kits. 
What are your thoughts ? 
I own Prodigys, with many HFTs applied.
Better sound, yes, expand sweet spot, NO,
since the HFTs can accentuate the 30 degree
curve of the panels, not work "against" it.
Maybe this is not an issue for you?

I would start with Wide Angle HFTs, I think these
offer the best sound and dollar value, in treating
your room.  The FEQ works well, too.

I mount HFTs on sea glass pieces before attaching
to stat panels, using blue stick.

You are on the right track, for sure!
Buy yourself a bag, online.  Use quarter size pieces,
quarter inch thickness is good.  Color and irregular
shapes are not important.  One side of the glass can
be smoother than the other.

Improves the effect of HFTs, IMHO, rather than just
sticking them on the stat panels...
  I have a total of 18 hft's in my room consisting of  wide angles, X , 2.0 and normal. Made a big difference in sound but as stated not the sweet spot.

  I also have the hft. There is new one out now 4 times stronger than the original.

  I haven't bought the hft's for the speakers. I am not sure if they work with Martin logans.

Too much of anything can have a negative effect.
For me, too many HFTs on the same wall hurts the sound.

Please send the link on SR website of the new product.
I am not seeing it.  Did they contact you with some kind
of advance notice?

Is it your personal experience that "not sure if they work"
or just your armchair wisdom?

Looks like you're on a roll, "three for three"... what other
gems are you holding back?
I concur with sgordon.  I have one of these and, although I don't have much time with it yet, I like what it does.