Synergistic FEQ X4 Impact On Other Digital Systems

I have an FEQ X4 on order and in the meantime have been researching information about it and what it does.  It seems it all started with the concept that sound seems to be better at night than the day.  The conclusion was that it was all the various frequencies being tossed about, with the main element being from the Sun itself. Now, I have heard about this long before I was into audio.  As a computer tech for 20+ years, this concept came up plenty of times in regards to server performance, drive failures, and data corruption. We had compiled data that when the sun's various activities were at their highest, we would get more calls regarding drive failure, power supply problems and data corruption. As an illustrator and Photographer, I was able to work better at night.  I could see and render details better on the computer than during the day.

So, if I understand it correctly, the FEQ X4 controls the EMI and RFI interference as well as other signals that can infiltrate your cables and speakers.  If this is true, then it also can also impact other devices that require data transfers via electrical lines, like video signals over HDMI, USB data transfer and data over Ethernet and possibly Wi-Fi.

Does anyone have experience with these types of devices and have seen improvement in other data-cable dependent devices like Monitors, Data streamers, or PCs?
Best guess this is a souped up and highly tuned Schumann generator. Would love to compare one to my SG. They do work, and the effects do seem to be very similar. The SG do this with a cheesy cheap little antenna trace on a circuit board and tuned to the Schumann frequency. Stands to reason a larger antenna with better tuning could do a lot better. If you look into the various SG I think you will find it interesting they run on the same volts DC as the FEQ. I sure do. Also the circuit boards all have trim pots that can be used to fine tune frequency. When I played around with one it sure seemed like it did make a slight difference doing this. But that is a bit tweaky even for me. So I stopped at 9 and have gone on to other things.   

The SG are still there, they do work, and I bet this does too. Maybe open yours up and let us know what you find inside? Dying to know. 

From what I have seen, the FEQ X4 has 4 antenna and they are attached at the four corners. The unit is 14 inches tall. And yes, it is a Schumann generator and likely over priced.

Placement is going to be a challenge because the unit requires two power sockets. One is for general power and the other is a powered ground.  According to the limited literature available, it is best to connect the ground to a different socket than the power was connected.

I spoke to a guy at the Cable Company about placement and he suggests the floor, but freely admits he has his on a shelf. I have a small shelf on the floor that houses the Venom V16.  I am thinking of placing this device on top. It's technically behind the speakers and off the floor (I don't have the budget for fancy shock absorbing floor stands at the moment.)
Wow. So maybe it isn’t my imagination that my system sounds better at night than during the day. I’ve always thought I was bonkers for thinking I heard more details when listening after the sun went down. There are some albums (DSOTM being an example) that I will only listen to at night because to my ears it has more depth and detail. Maybe my all tube system and high efficiency speakers are picking up more of that interference during the day. 

This is a fascinating concept. Thank you for posting this here.