Synergistic FEQ: Placebo effect or is it real

I know this really is not an analogue matter but I figured I would post it here since I listen to nothing but vinyl and would assume most of the participants may relate to my question. I have a good friend that has mentioned a tweeking type of product made by SYnergistic research, the FEQ(frequency equalizer) This unit is supposed to enhance the soundstage for the lower spectrum of frequenceys for your overall soundstage. Claims to enhance the overall bass presentation whatever that means. I have read the usual reviews praising the technology and viewed a couple of demos on youtube which to be brutally honest, are useless because of the obvious fact you are demoing the product through less than adequate computer speakers which I currently am using. Now from what i have heard from demoing the product at home it seems to be somewhat puzzling to me. Sometimes I think I hear a difference but at other times when switching the unit on or off it seems as though I cannot detect any audible difference let alone an improvement. Obviously I guess what most of you are thinking, well if it is not making a difference at all do not buy it which I have basically succumbed to due to my first hand experience. Has anyone else tried this FEQ? Perhaps my set up is incorrect although there does not seem to be much to it. The unit does not come with any set up tips at all. Not much of an explanation anywhere as to what the unit is actually doing if it is doing anything at all. lol Now i have heard many comments on audio tweeks that have stated that what one is experiencing a Placebo effect going as far as stating that cable tweeks, isolators etc can be attributed to this. In some regards i can agree to this from what I have witnessed and heard from various products.

Any comments would be welcome.
Audio is a great market, because it always finds people that believe and hear differences anything new they add to their rig especially if it worth lots of money. If you don't hear differences, you simply can save same amount of money especially if the product has fully refundable policy.
If you place yourself instead of manufacturer, you may realize that it doesn't matter what kind of philosophy, science or technical research behind specific audio tweak, it will matter on how many people will hear or won't hear differences weather it's Placebo or reality. In both cases you can make money.
What is the FEQ and how does it supposedly work? If the word "quantum" appears anywhere in your response, I will say that it is a dubious proposition, to say the least. If it is in fact a frequency equalizer that you insert into the chain between the preamp and amplifier, then there are always trade-offs; such devices tend to color the sound while also allowing for some equalization. One caveat is that it is "dangerous" to boost the extreme low bass response via a conventional equalizer, because it places undue stress on the power capabilities of your amplifier, and sometimes your speakers. Further, if the perceived lack of bass is due to room interactions, then it is almost impossible to eradicate the problem by using a conventional equalizer; no matter how much power you pump in via a boost filter, usually the trough remains.
Vinylmad, Have you seen and read this thread on Audiogon?:

Did some research on FEQ; it's obviously NOT a "real" electronic equalizer, such as I described.
I have always taken Synergistic Research claims with a grain of salt, but in fairness, I have not auditioned the HFTs or the FEQ (now that I know what an FEQ is). On the HFT, I have one comment: How the heck can a tiny piece of metal, even 20 tiny pieces of metal as used in the reported RMAF demo, dramatically affect the sound in an average size living room? There is no way. FEQ looks like more folderol, but again, I am not qualified to say for sure. Since they apparently have a 90-day trial guarantee, I guess it could not hurt to try the FEQ, but make sure that you can return it and get all your money back.
IMO I think a lot of the Synergistic items ART and HFT are tricks. I just can't wrap my head around how the HFT and ART tweaks can affect sound. Acoustic panels, wall treatments and ceiling treatments I can believe but little round discs (HFT) that look like socket wrench attachements can really alter sound dramatically in a room? The ART stuff looks like a small bowl on top of wood blocks with cheap speaker spikes. This stuff isn't cheap either. $300+ for the HFT. I didn't even bother to look at the ART pricing. Seems like a money grab. Pretty pictures, audio reviews that create buzz, lead to quick sales and then the next tweak comes around that will then make even more improvements.
The new SR products are amazing.
Start with HFTs, with recommended placement (website).
Add as many "levels" as you can... start with at least two.
So simple, so easy to use!

Then, the FEQ can be added to enhance the sound.
Yes, isolation is extremely important, with this unit, and can make
a huge difference! Use the very best support pieces.
Don't place the FEQ directly on a bare floor, or carpet.
Location and height are not an issue, as long as the FEQ is behind the

Also, plug the unit (and ground line) directly into a wall outlet, do not
plug into any kind of power strip or conditioner.
If this is not possible, inquire about extension cords from SR.

I recommend spending some time with the SR products
in place, to hear the difference they will make. It isn't that
you won't hear it right away; rather, your confidence in their
contribution will be greater. The best compliment you can give
an audio piece might be, "I will not listen to my system
without it in place."

Do not be deterred by people who comment on something
they have not personally experienced. Let your ears be
the judge, and you will be rewarded.
Hi Lewm....finally had a chance to look at this thread once again and I will say I never saw the thread you linked. It never came up for some reason. Anyways, interesting stuff. I noticed sabai form many other threads thinks SR is crock of...... you know what lol. I guess I should just jump on that thread, although I do appreciate the feedback that has been given thus far. I do own some SR products interconnects/power cables and IMO do magic to my system so I will just have to give the FEQ a more in depth trial.