Synergistic Designers Reference

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Several years ago at the last NY audio show, I heard a demo of these cables with active shielding. With or without the shielding installed, the cables sounded phenomenal. One of the best I have ever heard. The others on my short list of speaker cable would be Kimber Select and Monocle, Kubala Sosna Emotion, Cardas Neutral Reference and my current cable the H.T. Pro 11+.

Can anyone compare or contrast the above?

Is the Synergistic only at it's best when you are also using the same series of interconnects?

What is the successor to that series and does the Designers Reference cable offer good pre-owned value as far as reference quality is concerned?

Thanks for your help.

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I was a huge Kimber fan using both the monocle and select 3035 speaker cables. A few years back I tried the Sr Designers Reference and never looked back the SR cables were better in every aspect. I am currently using the Tesla series in my system, and couldnt be happier. plus the support from SR is second to none.
I too heard that demo in NYC. Not heard the cables since. In that demo I thought without the active sheild it sounded grainy and rather poor. With active on it was good. This was years ago so I'm sure it has improved.
The Designers Reference, Designers Reference X2 and Absolute Reference are a great "value" cable now. I've not tried the Kubala but did use some from Kimber's upper line and Cardas Golden Reference, I liked the Synergistic more and eventually moved to the Tesla Apex interconnects and speaker wire. Tara Labs and Nordost (Valhalla) have a sound I like also.
Ironically, I have heard all of these cables in my system except your current ones.
The SR Teslas have an amazing soundstage and dynamics that became overbearing after the "wow" factor wore off.
The KS Emotion was delightfully warm but somewhat underwhelming.
Cardas NR is a great value but is uninvolving compared with the others.
So, until recently the Kimber Select has had the best balance of the characteristics described above in my system.
Until now.
My new provisional reference is the Kubala Sosna Elation.
But I have enough respect for Kimber to try their new 6000 series speaker cable in my system before I defect.
Hello,I seek a speaker cables 8ft Synergistic Research Designers Reference Squared
I agree that used S R cables are a great bargain. I bought 12' S R Resolution Reference FX oh, about five years ago now (new). They were in the $1400 range then, so buying
them used would make them, or the Designers Reference, and Absolute Reference very good cables to get used. I haven't given a thought to speeaker cables since. I do use S R IC's and power cords in critical areas of my system, and as the rest of my system has evolved, the cables have been a constant, and not an area of concern.

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Hello I live in France and I wanted a speaker cables Synergistic research Designers Reference Squared 8ft.It's very difficult to find in France ans Europe these speaker cables.
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Hi Mjglo,

I own Designers's reference speakers bi-wire, RCA digital and XLR interconnects.

What improvement did you get with APEX?

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Hi,sorry I wanted a speaker cables Synergistic research Designers Reference Squared or designers reference X2 single wire 8ft.
Hi,Sorry I wanted a speaker cables Synergistic Research Designers Reference Squared or Designers Reference X2,8ft
I've had a bunch of cables in and out of my system, The Designers Reference is just one of them. As I stated before there are several cables that I've tried that work well in my system. I never did an A/B test using the Designers Reference and Apex. I have the Apex in my system for a few years now and like the detail and soundstage it gives. I'm now working on other parts of my system since I'm happy with the Apex but am now trying some other cables on a new CD player that I added to my system. So, I really don't have an answer for you except to experiment if you can.