Synergistic Designer Reference Cables? character..

Interested in getting opinions on this perticular cable only. Are these generally smooth sounding or neutral in nature or are they forward sounding in a system.

Looking for general overview...I would consider the Transparent Ultra or MIT's on the smoother side.

NOT interested in the APEX or newer generation, just this designer reference family

Any input would be appreciated.
I have listened to both the IC XLR and Digital of these cables. Very smooth laid back sound, they're the opposite of Cardas Golden Reference in my view. Cardas are one of the most neutral IC you can find. You make the call depending on your taste.
the designers reference like all of the Synergistic Research cables are very neutral I had them for quite a few years before going to the Tesla series. I think their real strong suit is the absence of any additional noise with a completely black background detail abounds without sterility. the abitity to convey the music true to the source is astounding. something to think about a cable cannot add anything only take away.
This info may not be pertinent to the thread, but I have been using Resolution Reference FX speaker cables for the last four years, and after trying out the Tesla line, decided to stay with what I have. Very smooth, neutral, balanced with black backgrounds, no reason to pay more IMHO.

I have the Designer Reference2 (Square) bal.ic with MMC unit. They are 'impressive' as in sounding--big, dynamic and quiet (esp.when grounded to their MMC box). Relatively neutral timbre, but not as linear in tonal balance. With slight tendency to exaggerate on the mid and bottom--midrange bloom, big forceful bass--albeit controlled. Used them in the past to exploit bass potential of my MG20.1. May work for or against depending on the system/applications. Their Designer Reference ic have a more or less similar traits.