Synergistic dealer?

hi.does anyone knows a Synergistic dealer?where i can purchase any of their products.any recomendation for a good customer service and price?
Try "A Sanctuary of Sound", an Audiogon dealer-- just click on Browse here on Audiogon. Stewart Marcantoni is an excellent dealer and offers good prices. I've dealt with Stewart for 2-3 years now and can highly recommend him. Cheers. Craig
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Mr. Bill Bryan offers great service at unbelievable prices
I concur about Bill Bryan he is great to deal with & has excellent prices.
Another alternative would be Music Direct;where I got mine.--Once you buy their cables you will get as good or better service,than you've ever had before.
Try "Better Sound Concepts" in Pittsburgh, PA area. I've been dealing with Al Tucker for over 20 years! Great guy with resonable prices. 412-935-5800.
I second the motion for A Sanctuary of Sound. Stewart is an honest dealer, loyal to the Synergistic Research folks, and will work with you to give you the best price possible.Stewart's e-mail is: [email protected]
Great query- armandito-

please list the best dealers/retailers, in terms of, having the most complete selection in their respective showrooms.
Alfred and Betty of high end elctronics are awesome!  Highly recommend. 
 The Cable Company. Can’t beat their customer service! Of course, there may be an amount of bias on my part. I’ve done enough business with them, I now get a substantial(Frequent Flier) discount.  (
Scott Walker Audio is my go to guy.