synergistic cables?

BEING fairly new to this thread, Ive noticed not much talk about these cables.Am i the only one who thinks these cables sound great?I have used audioquest diamond ,xlo and kimber,lat.The synergistic designers ref. beats the others hands down.
Ditto that for avguy also!!!!!
I couldn't agree more but to get optimal performance you need to use the active shielding.I am using Resolution Reference all around & the music comes out of a deep black background with fantastic detail & a huge soundstage. Sevaral of the Stereophile reviewers list S.R. in their associated equipment list but I don't remember seeing a review?
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Hi Steven; I also use Syn. Res. cables-- Signature No. 2-- sort of in the middle of their line, and they used to be Stereophile recommended. I also use their ICs and power cords. I personally believe that the highest value in cables, ICs and PCs is in the middle and even lower priced end of name brand products, but I suppose it depends on the cost of your components. Excellent products. Cheers. Craig.
Yes lwin iam using the new upgraded active sheilding box, with the designers ref. power cable.I also dont recall a stereophile review of these cables and speaker.
I tried swaping my top gun hic power cord from my pass x350 with the synergisitc ref.power cord, the top gun sounded better on the pass then did the synergistic cord.
Thanks for the responce.
OH, i keep frogetting to mention synergistic makes a great jumper cable.
Great, cuz that damn car battery keeps a dyin'
I personally use Synergistic Research cable through out my whole entire system. I love the way they sound and their lifetime upgrades. Now with the Active Control Center it just lifted all my interconnect to another level. Highly Recommended. I personally work for an audio/video store and we have pick up this brand as one of our high end cable lines.

Way to go bill. It is great stuff. I own the co. My name is Mr.Synergistics.(not)
Stereophile review of Designers ref is in Jan 1998 (21/1) issue. My first impression of these cables were 'damn.. these are bright'. The second impression was 'my current cables are coloring the music ! That is why I tought SR were bright'. Now I just calculate number hours of overtime I have to do until I can afford SR Designers' ref.