Synergistic Audioholics Challenge


Someone already mentioned this. But it’s a good thing you brought it up again. Perhaps some folks who haven’t seen that post will see yours.

Ted Denney Synergistic Research Slander of Audioholics | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

but wait...

Synergistic Research Foundation Cables Company Review | Audioholics
Gene: "I’m really on the fence on what to do about this guy Ten Denny whom I’ve never met or ever talked about his products."

So gene did write about Synergistic Research. And in particular, he stated: " Synergistic Research is an audio company specializing in expensive, exotic cables and audio tweaks based on pseudoscience."

I don't care whether or not that sweeping statement is true. Now all we need is definitive proof that one of these guys is right; and the other is wrong.

This challenge must take place. If it needs to be postponed due to Gene’s health, then so be it.
Holy smokes that Audioholics guy is a parody of himself! Gene is a meta-parody! He is so a parody he’s parody-proof! That photo of him and his bro, holding his wire 😳 and Ted Denney playing him like a gin joint piano! He claims Ted said this. Please please please let it be true!

"So sorry to see you having economic difficulties, would you consider selling me your Star Trek cut outs? I’d love to use them in my product videos. My company Synergistic Research is still operational, still taking orders every day, still shipping product every day, and still 100% fully employed. I think I’m gonna take my Ferrari for a spin after coffee this morning. Let me know on the cut outs. Cheers 🥂"
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