Synergistic amp with Contour 1.8MKII ..

I purchased a new Dynaudio Contour 1.8MKII 9 months ago. Till now, I have been driving it with a Denon receivor. I want to find an amp which match well with this speaker. After reading this forum, a lot of users recommend the integrated Plinius 8200MKII with Contour 1.3SE, Contour 3.x and even the 25 SE. However, one audiogoner mentioned that Contour 1.8MKII and the Plinius together however is fatiguing and not a good match. So that puts me back to my original question, could any Contour 1.8MKII owner tells me of amps that have good synergy with this speaker? One aspect that I also hope the amp would improve is when I play at lower level. Thanks in advance.

I have Contour 1.8mkII, although I have not heard Plinuis with it, many have recommended the brand, most often the SA100 or better yet SA250. I have also heard positive feedback regarding the Plinius Integrateds.

I recently purchased Ayre electronics(K3x pre and V5x amp). The amp is just now breaking in, so I am not allowing myself to be too critical. So far, I am finding that this is a very good match with these speakers with the one caveat that the cables need to be carefully chosen. I had MIT and recently I have been toying with inexpensive Monster cables(just for a point of reference) and I just installed a Coincident CST IC XLR and I have a Cardas Golden Ref on order. I am hoping that the Cardas will add a touch of warmth, but not too much. I am enjoying the current set up so far, but if I had to be critical, I would mention that it leans to the cold side of neutral ever so slightly. If the Golden Ref gets me to dead neutral or better yet just slightly warm I would be ecstatic, because currently, my setup is very musical, airy, transparent, detailed without being harsh, and very well balanced throughout the frequency range. I just hope that the Cardas will not be too warm. There are a few Ayre V3's out there for sale at $1500 or less, If you wanted to try Ayre, this would be a relatively inexpensive way to get introduced. Or, find a dealer and try out a V5x. I think you will be very impressed at how natural sounding this brand sounds with Dynaudio- I was and still am.
Thanks very much for sharing your information, especially on the Ayre V5x. Ayre V5x is one amp that I would love to own, however it is a bit out of my budget range for now. My optimal budget is < $2000 for an amp. The sound of V5x with Dyn Contour 1.8MKII is one very good information that I have always curious to know, it is just slightly out of my set budget for this amp hunt.

When I demoed the Dyn at a local dealer, I really liked the sound that I have heard especially on guitar and vocal. The bass revealed in the movie Matrix was fast and tight, just the way I love it. However I was not very impressed with one live orchestra demo, just thought the detail was lacking (might be the recording). Till yesterday, I had no idea what amp he used in the demo. Finally I found out yesterday that they carry Lexicon, Russound, Integra and Aragon. I guess I was listening to the Lexicon, which is made by Bryston. I think I will get a used Plinius integrated 8200MKII as my first choice follow by the Bryston 4BST (whichever is available first here at Audiogon). I would love to hear any other 1.8MKII owner of their sucessful story of matching this speaker with other amps.

If there is a good deal on the 1.3SE, I would love to use it for home theater. Then I will need another amp for it, yikes! This will break my bank account pretty quickly. However, I am sure I am not the only one here. :)

Thanks again Dmichael for your response, appreciate it.
Back on 5/16/03, I stated that "the V-5x leans to the cold side of neutral ever so slightly". I take that back because in the last 2 weeks I have been running this amp 24/7 and I estimate that is now has about 450 hours on it. My original criticism came after only 150 hours or so and WOW has it warmed up since then. The V-5x now adds a warmth to my system that I can't imagine any other SS amp being able to do. No, its not quite as warm as most Tubes, but I personally prefer my system to sound warm but not too warm(which is how I percieve some Tube gear to sound like). I will post a full review of the V-5x after more run-in and more time in the sweet spot.