Synergistic Absolute Reference?

I may get one. Could anyone with experience with this power cord describe it's characteristics? Any advice woulld be appreciated.
I currently have 2 of the Synergistic Research's Absolute Reference power cords in my system. They have been in my system for the past year with incredible results. For the first time I understood what a power cord can really do for your component. I belive that to a degree power cords do have their own sound but what the good ones do is they let your equipment sound the way they should. I have older Rowland gear ( amp, pre-amp ) and I have tried with good results power cords made by Purist Audio ( their Dominus ), Shunyata's Anaconda and Harmonic Tech's top of the line cord but the Synergistic Research's Absolute Reference power cords were the first ones to make my equipment sing. I truly heard what my equipment was capable of sounding like after owning the Rowland stuff for years !!! It has balance, the bass was dead on, the highs weren't thin and tin(ey)and the mid's are to die for. The MPC actually does work as you can test it for yourself by turning it on or ''cleans'' things up just a little more. One other thing, this is a big heavy cord....and if you go with Synergistic, your being backed by an established and solid company that is going to be around for awhile. Mitchb, why don't you contact me personally as I may have something for you.....
i'll second the absolute ref.cords........ bought a couple on a whim.... and after trying, auditioning ,and listening to about 20 different cords , maybe even more, the s/r abs. ref. are in a different league. maybe it's the acitve shielding ,or the geometry , or both-- they transformed my already very musical system even more so.

i just ordered 45 more cords!
sorry... i just ordered4 more S/R cords, not 45 .....
after 2 weeks with these cords(the newest version), my system has moved to a different level of coherency , dynamics and "punchiness".
They are obviously good cords with a lot of body and weight but without sacraficing detail. I've since starting this post bought 2 for my system and a Designers Reference for my CDP. The Absolutes are on my Hydra and on my amp. A huge positive mind blowing experience was putting a Veridical Dream State Audio cord from my Hydra to my preamp. The Veridical is my best cord but the Absolute Reference cords are good too.I would say they are way up their with the better cords out there.
Any experience with their comparision with Shunyata.