Synergestic Research: SCAM

Well, I just sat down to a demo of several Synergistic Research products including the Black Box room bass resonators, their new line conditioner, their active Tranquility Base, little treble resonators and the Atmosphere room acoustics tuner.

Total scam. Never once did they just play a track while moving things around. It was always a few seconds of a track followed by a 30 seconds of so of moving stuff, etc, then another maybe 30 seconds of sound. They'd start a track and then stop it right as some instruments came in, do the change, and then continue playing where it left off. The guy doing the demo was asked twice if he could do a live a/b and he'd give an excuse about how it takes a little time for system to charge or some bs like that and the transition process would mask the differences. Absolute con BS they are DEAD to me.

Also? I could hear JACK SQUAT changes in the demo. A few people around me would comment on the changes but I could hear nothing -- at least as best I could manage with the small clips and pauses in between changes. I really tried, but I could hear nothing.

Here, I took a video of a part of the demo. I'll post it when I have a chance.

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I heard a SR demo at an audio show some years ago and they kept the music playing while fiddling with the cables right in front of me. These were active cables and things were added as the music played. Changes were obvious and immediate.  I couldn't say it was all for the better as it was done on the fly, in a large open room with people talking, but the one thing that was patently obvious was the detail and clarity that improved with each and every measure taken. I believe I was wearing headphones as well which aided in my evaluation.

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So you couldn't hear a difference, that says more about you than a company that has thousands of satisfied customers. Spend your money on music and keep your unfounded opinions to yourself. 
I've noticed often that when someone says that they hear no differences in sound they invariably make the assumption that listeners who "do" hear differences are some how suckers, foolish or gullible.  This is a faulty conclusion. 

It's definitely possible for a variety of good reasons why some will hear what others do not. Two people  could be seated side by side listening to a demonstration and legitimately have quite different impressions of what was heard. 
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