Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax

Like to ask if any Audiogon Members compared the Synergistic Black Fuse Vs The Audio Magic BeesWax ( top of line). Let me know what differences in sound quality, what equipment was it in, and how does it compare between the two fuse. Current all my equipment has The Black fuses; I am just curious WTF Audio Magic is So Expensive! Is it worth a big jump with the Audio Magic??
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What's the name they give to the fallacious argument that says you have to prove what you hear to anyone else?
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It’s ALWAYS on those who make an affirmative claim to prove the claim with a plausible theory and valid evidence ...
Nonsense. No one here owes you anything. This is a hobbyist’s group, where everyone is free to share their experiences without suffering demands and attacks from you.

Beware the audio guru.
In the real world there’s such a thing as third party (independent) verification and validation. There is no onus on any person or company making any claim. Anyone is free to promote or market or demonstrate his product be noone is required to prove any aspect of the product himself. In this hobby there are reviewers perform, ideally, third party testing and verification. In the real world roads don’t stop at the edge of town. Roads keep going.