Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax

Like to ask if any Audiogon Members compared the Synergistic Black Fuse Vs The Audio Magic BeesWax ( top of line). Let me know what differences in sound quality, what equipment was it in, and how does it compare between the two fuse.   Current all my equipment has The Black fuses; I am just curious WTF Audio Magic is So Expensive!  Is it worth a big jump with the Audio Magic?? 
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It's ALWAYS on those who make an affirmative claim to prove the claim with a plausible theory and valid evidence. Sans a plausible theory and valid evidence, the claim is rightly written off as nonsense.
An example of an Appeal to False Authority.
Geoff is making a Texas sharp shooter fallacy. He's claiming that because 90,000 boutique fuses have been sold to happy customers, they must do something, while deliberately ignoring the billions of fuses billions of people use every day quite happily as well. His argument could just as easily be flipped to say "Because billions of common fuses have been sold with overwhelming customer satisfaction, common fuses must be superior". Neither argument is necessarily logical or accurate because both presume sales volume somehow correlates to technical capabilities. It's an idiotic presumption on it's face.
An example of Base Rate Fallacy.

Unless I'm mistaken. For a better understanding, check out this:

One will recognize a lot of fallacious arguments listed that are continually used here.

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What's the name they give to the fallacious argument that says you have to prove what you hear to anyone else?

Who or what is the false authority being appealed to? The person making the claim is automatically the authority of the claim. Being unconvinced by a claim lacking a legitimate theory, supported by dubious evidence, and built on broken logic doesn't make somebody an authority or "false authority" because it takes no authority to observe the obvious. It makes the unconvinced party not a gullible fool. 

So yeah, you're definitely mistaken on that count. 

I'm pretty sure your base rate fallacy claim isn't right either. That has to do with statistics and probabilities, and there aren't any statistics or probabilities in question it would apply to. Maybe it's not a Texas sharp shooters fallacy, but Geoff is certainly appealing to the authority a sales number represents, which is an insignificant number that doesn't prove anything. 

Guess you're wrong there, too. Try again next time. 

There isn't one. Just don't expect to be believed when you make technical claims you can't back up with any theory or evidence. Like I said, I don't doubt people hear things, but lacking a technical explanation, the most likely explanation is psychological. I'm not sure why that pisses so many people off since it's the explanation best supported by evidence. 

It’s ALWAYS on those who make an affirmative claim to prove the claim with a plausible theory and valid evidence ...
Nonsense. No one here owes you anything. This is a hobbyist’s group, where everyone is free to share their experiences without suffering demands and attacks from you.

Beware the audio guru.