Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax

Like to ask if any Audiogon Members compared the Synergistic Black Fuse Vs The Audio Magic BeesWax ( top of line). Let me know what differences in sound quality, what equipment was it in, and how does it compare between the two fuse.   Current all my equipment has The Black fuses; I am just curious WTF Audio Magic is So Expensive!  Is it worth a big jump with the Audio Magic?? 
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Want people to A/B fuses who is going to buy both to compare??Good luck with that one however i think the Synergestic is enough money spent this being said the Light a Fuse from Germany work wonderful for a lot less money.Good luck enjoy!
Fuses have 30 day trial period. Problem solved. Besides, whose word would you take? 😁


I compared the SR  black fuses to Audio Horizon Platinum fuses in my PL Int amp, Hegel DAC, Oppo 95 and Olive 06HD music server. Each piece of equipment sounded smoother and fuller with AH fuses. The SR fuses were a bit brighter sounding which caused some fatigue during loud passages. The AH fuses cost the same as SR blacks and also have a 30 day trial. I would give a call to Joseph Chow at AH. He is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate. Whether you try AH fuses or the beeswax fuses it will satisfy your curiosity. Best wishes

BTW- I have nothing against SR since I own their cables, XOT, FEQ, and MIGS 2.0.

I installed12 of the Audio Magic SHD fuses in our system, I spoke with Jerry at length before trying one. They are very labor intensive to make, he told me sometimes has to make 2-3 to get 1 right. I don't care for the price either, however they deliver the goods big time.
Ronrags... i have the same perspect as you, i feel that the SR Black was kind of bright ( overly aggressive ) when the music was at a complex stage especially at high volume it was more than enough.   It was a noticeable difference on each equipment from stock to AR Black, made every pieces of my equipment i put in different.    The SR Red i had at first was a great fuse but the black was a tad better, especially in the highs and bass area.  I had them both in my equipment and a&b comparison.  But if it was on the thicker side, meatier type, it would have been perfect!  

Perfectpathtech...can you please elaborate more of your finding on the AM beeswax fuses.  The specs sounds great ( beeswax is genius) but i want to know what characteristics does it bring before and after installing these fuses.    Much appreciated!  
In my system they sound wonderful not bright great detail and great stage and great bass fuses are system dependent.
I must agree with ebm, fuses as are other audio accessories/components system dependent in terms of results. In my system the Synergistic Research Black fuses have contributed to a very natural sound character.  Definitely no issues with brightness.  I suspect that I'd be very happy with the Beeswax fuse as well based on owner feedback I've read. 
zipost I found with the SHD the noise floor dropped quite a bit, dynamics expanded, another layer of micro information, bass got tighter with even deeper extension. That was trying one in the AC line to our source which is cd. The Mrs was impressed enough to ask how many more to do the system, then said said do them. They do take a while to seat in, I would say well north of 100 hrs. Major investment for us , but well worth it.                                                        
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Here is my dilemma:  I notice that with the SR Black & Red which i have on most of my equipment;  I have one in the amp, preamp and cd player.   Man... ever so often these fuses would blow out on me.   Should i up the rating say from a 4 amp to 5 amp?    Also, in regards to warranty, are the fuses cover under a  5 years warranty from Synergistic ( according to their website).   I went and did a search but it only mentioned other accessories but not fuses.  Any members who had the same experiences with warranty would want to help me out on this?    I did call them and they stated that it's only a 30 days warranty.   I am out of luck?   I am not too happy with their customer services!  

I too have noticed that the SR fuses have a short fuse. So, I have increased the values of them when I purchase. I’m not sure that going from 4-5 amp is right perhaps if they have a 4.5 amp?

Warrantying a fuse for a long time is really not practical when typically it is not the fuse that fails but it is a reaction to something else within our systems.


zipost (not using your real name although we have it on file at the factory).

The fuses you are now seeking replacements for were given to you free of charge as industry samples over one year ago by then employee Peter Hansen who now works at The Cable Company. Fast forward over one year. You called our factory two weeks ago and talked to Kevin seeking replacement fuses for your over one year old Black Fuses. Kevin explained to you that we do not have a Lifetime Warranty on fuses but that our fuses are covered by a 30-day no risk money back guarantee. Kevin informed me that you became rude and spoke in a raised voice despite the fact he was trying to help you, and that you hung up the phone on him after he informed you we would not replace your old fuses with new fuses. I then called Peter Hansen at The Cable Co. and he filled me on the whole story including how you misrepresented yourself as an industry insider to gain four free sample Black Fuses with a promise to include them as standard on a line of electronics you claimed to be importing very soon. Peter then told me you recently called him at The Cable Company, were similarly rude on the phone when he explained that fuses are designed to blow and therefore could not be warrantied for life, to which you told him and I quote, "Tell Synergistic Research they can suck my big fat c*#k" and then you hung up the phone on him as you did with Kevin at my factory.

Now I see you are trying to stir the pot and create negative publicity for fuses you basically stole from my company and that you expect free replacements for, fuses you never paid for in the first place. But even if you had paid for them, we do not warranty fuses not to blow after over one year in service.

Dear SR customers reading this unfortunate chain of events, the vast majority of people who buy our products are great people and we do everything in our power to take care of you including going above and beyond what would normally be considered reasonable. But every once in a while we get someone 'special' someone who is trying to either extort something from us, usually by threatening to give us bad publicity if we do not bend to unreasonable demands, or as is the case here, we get someone who is completely dishonest. For the record we will never bend to such demands and will do everything in our power to expose the bad players for all to see while taking care of legitimate customers with exceptional customer service and the best products we know how to build.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.
4 to 5 year warranty for fuses? Shirley, you jest.

No, and stop calling me Shirley.
You get a lifetime warranty on every fuse. The lifetime of the fuse.
I use and encourage all serious audiophiles to audition audio grade fuses. I find them to be a big sonic improvement in the four systems that I listen to.
As early as 2012 I was trying Isoclean, Furotech, and Padis fuses. Small but real improvement. I then tried Synergistic Research SR 20 fuses and found them to be a bigger jump up in  improvement then these other fuses.

Reading OregonPapa's endorsement of the Synergistic Research Black fuses made me trial these newest  fuses. I tried a SR Black fuse- one at a time, after cleaning old and new fuses and contacts, and in both directions.

I found the SR Blacks to make a major improvement in the sound and worth the price. Doing careful listening , breaking in, changing fuse directions , and  cleaning fuses was a project that took over 6 months to finish.

During this time I blew two fuses during rapid swaps in warmed up equipment. First a 3.25 amp fuse in a tube amp. The designer told me to let the equipment cool off before changing tubes or fuses (Craig Uthus of Moth Audio fame). He further told me using a 4.0 amp would not decrease safety. The other fuse was a  1 amp fuse for the laser assembly of a Marantz SA11-SA2 SACD player . This fuse was swapped while the unit was on! .Both fuses were replaced by Synergistic Research under their wonderful 30 trial policy. During this same interval I also had one tube go out in the three tube amps I was using.                                            
My sincere hope for the music lovers who read these forums is that they  try Audio Grade Fuses. Synergistic Research, Audio Magic, and Audio Horizons are all sold by Audiogon vendors who give the buyer a trial period. I firmly believe the time and money spent is well worth it.

David Pritchard