Syncro-Mesh, Dynaco power supply combo+ digital cable

Hi has anyone here had experience with these Empirical Audio products listed in title? I am entertainment the thought of purchasing them to try out. The individual that I spoke with on the phone was adamant that I must use his digital cable for best results. Just looking for some real world experience from others on this site.
Thanks Mark
What is the rest of your digital chain?

Steve Nugent is a member here and although I dont have the Synchro-mesh in my system, everybody who owns one loves it. I do use a reclocker in my system and it really is an upgrade. I'm only posting to say if you want to cut the cost, there are other linear power supplies that you can use. Fast voltage regulation and good control of ripple currents is needed and doesn't have to cost a lot.

Thanks for your input lowrider 57,and sorry I should have included my digital equipment. CEC TL2 with Nordost silver shadow going into Hegel HD12  DAC. I am thinking on replacing my transport that is what actually sparked this thread.
I originally started a thread regarding replacing my TL2. One of the replies was from Steve from Empirical Audio regarding his Syncro-Mesh. I have had a couple of phone discussions with him so far. When I asked him about what would give me the best results of getting the Syncro Mesh and power supply or the Syncro Mesh and digital cable.He was insistent that I must get "his " digital cable for best results.
At that point I heard the song and dance "I don't make any money on my digital cables I'm making minimum wage making it" bla bla bla. At that point I was cautious so that is why I started this thread. By the way you mentioned other linear power supplies that can be less costly. Any suggestions?
The Empirical products are highly reviewed everywhere, and there are two different cables available.
With that said, you have very fine gear and  should try it in your system before deciding if your digital needs an external reclocking device. The Nordost cable is worth listening to on it's own, based on the quality of their products. See if your setup pleases you.

Re: other reclockers. I use the iFi SPDIF iPurifier, only $150 with trial period. I have a good digital chain, but thought it could be better. Initially, I was not impressed with the iFi. But once I added a high quality LPS, the performance of my digital playback was more organic, dynamic, with a wider soundstage. The iFi stock power supply just wasn't good enough. 

In the archives, use the keywords linear power supply and you'll find many threads with recommendations. I use a Swagman Labs upgraded LPS with a 50VA torroidal transformer (only $300).

I looked at your other thread, the Jay's transport has been getting great buzz. It's true that controlling jitter is the goal in digital, but many components are able to achieve this w/o a reclocker.
I owned the Syncro Mesh and I thought it degraded the sound. Also, working with Steve (to me) was "difficult".

I meant to add the biggest upgrade to my digital was not the reclocker, but finding that perfect SPDIF cable. The right design and synergy for my setup.

Synchro-Mesh will not degrade the sound quality, only improve it, usually significantly.  Just read all of the customer feedbacks on my audiocircle forum. 

The resampling chip used is excellent.  I have compared resampled tracks to native tracks and usually the resampled tracks sounds better using the SM because of the jitter reduction to extremely low levels, the galvanic isolation and the upsampling from 44.1 to 24/96.  Upsampling to 24/96 causes the DAC to use a superior digital filter, with less audible artifacts.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

A little late to this party but I want to add my experience:

I bought the Synchro-mesh OTL and Empirical BNC cable from Steve about a year ago. They weren't the right flavor for my system so I returned them, with zero hassle.

I would not say that my experience was difficult in the least; quite the opposite. He is incredibly responsive and available, something which has not been the case with other designers I have bought from.

I (personally) would not hesitate to try his other products in the future.
For clarification, I have an extremely low-jitter streamer ($2900) whose high-res output I wanted to downsample for use with a Redbook DAC. Asking the Synchro-mesh to do this undetectably was something of an unfair request, but I wanted to try it. 

If I had a more mainstream source I imagine the clock in the SM would have been an improvement.