Symposium sveltes for TT?

I'm considering to use the Symposium sveltes with large couplers for my Nottingham Spacedeck. I wonder if this is a good option since the TT is not exactly "fixed" on the platform?
I used a Symposium Ultra for years under a SME 20/2. Great. Much lower noise floor, better details etc. I've since moved to the Pagode Master Ref. The Symposium products are great for the $$'s.
I bought a Symposium Svelte and have the Nottingham placed on 3 large couplers. The sound? Close-up and very warmth at the expense of the transparency that I used to have on 3 pieces of the Jade Isoduos. Disappointing especially when digital sources work very well on the Symposiums. Anyway I guess Nottingham requires a solid heavy fixed support in order to work well.