Symposium Segue ISO

It's rare when I purchase an item for my audio system and can truly say right away "Wow that's amazing" but I honestly can now.  My setup was a VPI Prime, on top of a 2.5" maple butcher block with four DiversiTech anti-vibration feet. My audio rack is 80/20 aluminum frame with 2 inch maple butcher block shelves. What I noticed with my VPI's original isolation butcher block was, if I would tap during a quiet moment on a record, anywhere on my rack, I could heard it come through my speakers. This is needless to say undesirable so I started doing some research. After looking around on AudiogoN, and other web sights, I read about Symposium and read some of the reviews. I contacted Peter of Symposium and asked his opinion for my turntable needs. His response was quick and concise. Peter recommended the Segue ISO Medium duty and Rollerblock HDSE for my VPI. This being my first experience with Symposium, I opted to just order the Sague ISO. The platform came quickly, well packed, and I changed out my butcher block for the Sague two days ago. The difference was night and day! I did the "tap test" on my rack and I heard nothing. The adverse effect I was getting from the butcher block was completely gone. I'm just getting around to the musical listening part now, but so far can say, the sound quality and detail are clearly improved. The Rollerblock HDSE are next on my list and I'm looking forward to hearing the difference.

Old Setup:

New Setup:  

Can you post a pic of the entire rack?  How did you switch from the butchers block to the segue on your rack?   Is the rack a DIY?
My rack is a DIY. The rack has butcher block shelves and I utilized another slightly thicker butcher block to place the Prime on. I know the center channel speaker is less then desirable but it's the best I could do with the constraints of my basement. My main goal was to isolate the turntable for playing vinyl. This is a pre-ISO Segue picture.
That shelf is made of butcher block?  Of just what the TT was sitting on?  

I have a bud with 2.5 inch ins butcher block and am thi king of making a five tier shelf with a Syposium top for my Avenger.  Not sure how to do that.  Would the symposium sit on top of the block?
The rack has 80/20 aluminum frame with 2 inch rock hard maple butcher block shelves sitting on brackets that fasten to the underside of the 80/20 frame.  Originally, the Prime sat on its own 2.5" butcher block isolation platform, which sat on top of the 72"x19"x2" maple rack shelf.

Now the Prime sits on top of the Symposium ISO Segue isolation platform, on top of my 72"x19"x2" butcher block rack shelves.  I gave an 80/20 distributor the exact dimensions I needed and they pre-cut the frame and they shipped direct to my home.  I then next ordered butcher block shelves from a vendor who cut to my specifications and shipped to my house.  The hard part is that I had to stain and poly the shelves myself.  5 coats each to increase the wood's rigidity and to prevent warping.