Symposium's Classic Damping Insert Kit for VPI turntables

Has anyone installed the Symposium damping kit in their VPI feet? If so, what were the results?

Heard this kit on VPI HW19 at Peters house(owner Symposium) it gives better bass,deeper stage and more dynamics.Great upgrade at a reasonable price.
Looks interesting and they make it for the Prime as well.

Symposium stuff absolutely rocks. I would NEVER hesitate to take Peter's advice for any product.
Got the inserts last week for my Scout, which has upgraded HRX footers, and can say that they do everything Symposium claims and more. Dynamic contrasts are more pronounced with increased instrument delineanation.

I urge all VPI owners to consider the inserts as it really does elevate the performance of an already great TT and can only imagine the improvements to the other models above the Scout.

I got rid of the standard VPI feet and replaced them with BearPaws (which are very heavy brass cones).....very pleased
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