Symposium Rollerblock Jr. on VPI Classic

I replaced the stock feet on my VPI with Rollerblock Jr. tungsten carbide balls. Wow!!! Major improvement in pitch, bass, dynamics and general musical enjoyment(PRAT). Lower volumes were more dynamic and higher volumes no longer seemed out of control. My question is whether they (3 in triangle) should go wider or be placed more to the center, closer to the platter nearer the bearing. I tried both and am undecided. I don't do well with A/B tests. The VPI is not light and moving the RB's is tough. I prefer to make a change and listen for a week before forming an opinion. The Rollerblocks have blown me away for 5 days now. But, does physics dictate placement of the RB's?

VPI Classic/ Dynavector XX2
Naim 72 with Teddy Pardo PS
Naim 250
Kudos X2