Symposium Isolation Products

They seem much easier to work with then the Bright star stuff. Anyone care to share their experiences? TIA, Emil
I should have done a search. This topic was covered a couple days ago but feel free to chime in. Emil
I only have experience with the svelte shelf and it stinks. Components vibrate more with the shelf in place!
I too, did not have good experience with the Svelts under my Martin Logan ReQuest -as the dealer and Symposium recommended- the base cabinet was resonating. That said, I had much better luck with the Super and the Ultra under my Transport, DAC, and Preamp. I would highly recommend them. But I couldn't here any difference between the Super and the Ultra under my CD transport. My recommendation is to get the Super and you will not regret it.
If you really want to hear what your components are doing, try putting the symposium rollerblocks under them instead of the aluminum couplers. A little tuff to deal with as far as your wiring inhibiting the floating action of your component,but what a grip on the bottom end. They clean everything up. More high end extension, detail, and resolution. Try not to go too crazy, to many shelves in your system might make it sound too lean.
Try the Feet of Silence instead @ Much more cost effective and sound better than Svelte. Never use those metal blocks, make the sound metallic.
In Canada watch out for the distributor, real mean character. I have been audiophile 20 years in various city and country but have never met a person like this one.