Symposium 'Fat Padz' and SS amps

Has any member tried the Symposium Fat Padz under their heavy (100# +) SS amp? They get great reviews for their larger Super + and Ultra platforms and this seems like a good inexpensive palce to experiment with isolation / coupling. The 'Fat Padz' are 3 or 4 small Super + blocks.

I've tried the FatPadz under my BAT VK75SE. About 75 lbs or so. I love the symposium stuff. Have two ultra shelves and one svelte. I didn't like the padz under my amp. Lost the warmth. I like them best used as footers in between the shelves...

YMMV. Good luck.
Thanks, Jfrench!
Are you using the Fat Padz between the Symposium platforms and your stock shelves in your rack?

I saw in your system photos that you were using one of the Ultra platforms under your turntable. Where are you using the Svelte and second Ultra?

Symposium now has an Ultra Padz. They are the size of the Fat Padz ( but 1 7/8" tall) and are made like small Ultra's.I believe the Fat Padz were small Super + pads.

I would not want to lose the warmth as you found with your BAT amp and the Fat Padz. Maybe using the 'Ultra' version would work. At $249 for a set of 4, I may have to give them a try.

I could then buy a Svelte or Ultra platform down the road and possibly hear another improvement without spending thousands on new gear!

Since those photo's were posted, I now have another Ultra under my phono stage and svelt and regular padz under my digital.

Basically, with the sysposium stuff I usually here a good lowering of the noise floor...which allows deatails and dynamics to emerge. The Shelves...seem to keep the warmth..while the padz and the roller blocks do not.

You will hear a difference. It's worth trying the fat padz. Right now, I have them under my turntable motor controller...which then sits on a Ultra next to the turntable.

I also like the DH Sound Jumbo cones...
Are you saying that Symposium has an "Ultra" version of the PADZ?
It's not on their web site, yet. I spoke to Symposium Saturday about the 'Fat Padz' and they mentioned the 'Ultra Padz'. They are thicker than the Fat Padz (which are Super +) I was told The 'Ultra Padz' are 1 7/8" tall.