Symphonic Line RG3 and built in phono amp


I use an SL RG3mk4 preamp with built in MC phonoamp. It was set for an high output ZYX Fuji cartridge. Does anyone know if it can be switched to accept low output MC's (this is an Airy 3S SB 0,24mV) ?

Tried to contact SL but don't get any answer...

Thanks guys (and girls)
Try Klaus at Odyssey
Tried to emial him, but my mails keep coming back... Thanks anyhow.
Go to the website, Odyssey Audio has their own forum. You might find your answer there from another member or Klaus himself could answer your question. Klaus also has a direct phone number, but I have lost it. I believe it's on their website. I have talked to Klaus many times several years ago when I owned Odyssey gear and Klaus was always very helpful. No one has contact with the Symphonic people like Klaus. He's the man.
OK. Thanks. Will take a look overthere.
Mattheus, doesn't yr pre have trannies at the MC input?
One thing you could try, phone them (in German -- if you speak german, that is).
It seems the input transformers are bypassed somehow. All you have to do is put them back in the circuit. It's easy to match the loading thereafter.

I called symphonic Line an tried to explain in my best German. They confirmed the phonoamp can be set for low output MC. I needed to know, since I will buy a ZYX Airy 3 S SB with 0,24mV output. Thanks anyhow.

Renaat Mattheus
Hi R, would have helped even more had they explained HOW you do it.
Oh well!
Well, they explained but I can't really describe it in good English. It seems there are about 5 or 6 pegs inside on the phonoamp to manipulate the load. All off = 1kOhm. But I'm no technical wizzard, so I will have to give it a try when the ZYX arrives.