Symphonic Line RG1 MK4 Vs Plinius SA-102

Hi All,
I am planning to buy a new power amp to pair up with my Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE. My room is 13.5 X 13.7 feet in area. I prefer rich, slightly warm sound. I absolutely hate anything analytical or bright. My speakers are a difficult load to handle. I have tried a couple of good tube amps and they failed to control it.
I have heard Plinius before and like it but I find them slightly lacking in damping the speakers. I was told that Symphonic line is another amp that can not only control the speakers but they also sound warm and rich.
I mostly listen to classic Rock (Knopfler and Floyd), Acoustic Bands, Blues, classical and also some general Rock stuff.

Someone in another forum suggested that Symphonic Line is rather on the brighter side. I dont have the option to listen to them so please advise.

I can't speak for the Symphonc line, other than to say I've heard good things about their gear... but I can tell you I've been using the SA 102 with both Dyn C2's & C4's with excellent results over the last two years. I also owned the 1.3SE's a few years back and used a Plinius 8200 mk II integrated with decent success. YMMV.
the symphonic line models are the best solid state amps i have ever heard.....the plinius is no slouch, but ..there can be only one.
2nd the Symphonic RG-1.Had this amp for a while.Compared very favorably with the better tube units that I had on-hand.Had a warm,full timbre and good dynamics.Decided against it because it was only available in the chrome-toaster finish at the time and was concerned about oxidation on the "finish".In black??
Musical Fidelity A3CR does the job with Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkIIs in my system.

I also had a vintage Tandberg amp in my system for a while that I particularly liked with the Dyns.

I'd recommend a tube pre-amp or tube DAC for digital sources in conjunction with the SS amp to get more of the sound you're looking for with the Dyns.
I have a pair of symphonic line mono blks --had the chance before to listen to the stereo amp --they are not BRIGHT --the mid range is very rich sounding with my stats --they are very fast amps and very dynamic --the mono blks are excellent--a def step up from the stereo amp--rich
I like both Plinius & S-L -- but definitely prefer the RG-7 & the bigger Plinius to the ones you are considering (which doesn't mean your choices are bad).
I too can't see the S-L as being "bright"... if anything, the opposite.
Anyway, it's possible that the S-L may be slightly more confident with yr spkrs; both are very nice products IMO.
Thanks a lot for all your comments.