Symphonic Line RG 14 Edition Integrated Amp


Anyone has heard or own the above-mentioned Rg14 Edition Int Amp share his/her view on the amp?

not much info could be found on the net abt the amp.

thanks in advance!
Sorry to jump in here... I have not heard this piece but SEVERAL other Symphonic line pieces Kraft 400, Kraft 250, RG1, RG4, RG8, CD reference, Die Erl.... (whatever that preamp is!) and the gear is great. I have no doubt you would be impressed depending on your system of course.

I have (listened to it). It was driving a pair of small Acapella stand-mounted spkrs. The combination was sonically successful to the limit of these small speakers.
What can I tell you?
The amp sounds OK without pronounced highs and good driving capability (i.e. it doesn't seem to run out of steam; at least on small spkrs). The mid-range region sounded fine as far as I could tell (basically by comparing to other electronics). Its phono was unexpectedly good (mm + mc in the one I heard). There was a remote that controlled volume only (not that it's a pb for me).
Nice build quality. Put it on some cones that were lying around & I changed the sound quite perceptibly...
If I remeber correctly the difference between the RG14 and RG14 is the phono stage, the RG14 doen't have one I think. I would prefer the one without the phono stage since most TT lovers will buy a separate phono pre.

I have been on the lookout for a used RG9 or RG10, but they are rare.
I would prefer the one without the phono stage since most TT lovers will buy a separate phono pre.
Quite logically put -- but, exceptionally in this case, wrongly put! The phonos are surprisingly good, well worth their salt. Unusual, I admit.
Sorry to insist on this point -- but I was amazed when I listened to TTs (both MC & MM).
Sorry for highjacking this topic a bit.

There is a chanse I can buy a 2nd hand RG9 mk?? for a good price. The drawback is I cannot listen to it. My current amp is a modded Rotel RC980 pre and a Rotel RB1070. I know the Symphonic Line is a better amp but I am not looking for a completly different sound.
Would it be a goo buy?

My CD trasport is a CEC TL51x with a Wadia 12 DAC and I have Impulse Aria SE speakers. The speakers are not big but do requiere a bit of power. I had a Ayre AX-7 amp but while I liked it when easy going music at low sound levels, but when I turned the volume up the "magic" was gone.