Symphonic Line La Musica

I have been offered a Symphonic Line La Musica for a very good price. Since I am looking to upgrade my Rotel pre/power combo I am very much tempted by the offer. However listing to the amp might be hard, so there is a chance I will have to buy it unseen and unheard. I know the dealer can be trusted, but my problem is I am not really sure if it would fit in with the rest of my system. I am planning on using the build in phono pre of the la Musica.

My system consists of:
VPI scout turntable
Lyra Dorian cartridge
CEC TL51x transport
Wadia 12 DAC
Impulse Aria SE speakers
Clear Audio Basic phono pre
Rotel RC980bx pre amp
Rotel RB1070 power amp
Cardas interlinks
Wireworld speaker cable.

Can anyone tell me something about this amp, how it sounds etc. I mostly play a lot of different music from Nick Cave to UB40, from Opeth to Heather Nova.