Symphonic Line Klarheit 1

Hi all

I'm about to buy a new amplifier to replace my IcePower-based poweramp(Acoustic Reality eAR 202 REF), and am circling the NuForce Stereo 8.5 V3 and the Symphonic Line Klarheit 1(more or less the equal to the RG 14, though without RIAA, I believe), the latter of which I'll concentrate here.

Have any of you made any experiences with Symphonic Line amps in general, and namely the Klarheit 1/RG 14? I'd be very interested in hearing your impressions of these amps. What are their "imprinting" on the sound, or lack of? Should you know about the NuForce V2/V3 amps as well, please bring it into a comparison if you would like.

My (remaining) system consists of:

- (Speakers) Raidho Eben X-Baby MkII Ceramic, on Audio Magic Genta stands

- (Source) Vista-based Mediaserver with RME HDSP 9632 soundcard and 1 TB harddrive. WMP used as preamp, with digital volume control(analogue out directly into poweramp)

- (Cables) Mundorf Silver/Gold, both to speakers and IC