Symphonic Line Klangquelle with RB1070 vs RG10

I own a Rotel RC980bx pre and a RB1070 power. In other threads it was made clear that these are the weak link in my system. There are several options on how to do it.

Option 1 replace the pre amp with a Symphonic Line Klangquelle mkI and keep the power amp.

Option 2 replace the pre and poweramp with a Symphonic Line RG10 mkIII or mkIV

What would give the better results, both options cost about the same. With option 1 I can replace the power amp later for something better, but that will take some time. With option 2 I can maybe get the intergrated modified to the latest mark and reference type. All the gear mentioned is 2nd hand, I don't have the funds for new gear.
the rg10 is nothing short of great. a real eeper.
Go for the integrated.It eliminates an IC and makes life simpler.
agree with above --the symphonic line gear is just great stuff!!!!!--move up later to separates when you are ready--enjoy