Symphonic Line

Anyone have any experience with Symphonic Line products? Not much info online and their website is in German....

Thanks in advance.
Yes, I own their RG4 Mk3 mono block power amps for the past 3 years. A CAT SL1 is used as a preamp. I really like this power amp. I've upgraded the diode rectifier bridge to get better power delivery & hopefully better lower level details.
I've a review of this amp on this site (check under my user name) if you want to read more.
A really very nice s.s. power amp - very musical & leans towards the tube side of sound.
Another Audiogon member "Gregm" is also mighty familiar w/ their products. Hope that he chimes in.
They are definitely low-key in the USA. Klaus Bunge of Odyssey Audio in Indianapolis imports the gear from Germany. He's yet another person to talk to.
Had the RG-1 MKII inhouse for a while.I liked the harmonic structure.One of the better class-A biased solidstate amps I've had through here.
had a model rs or rg 1 (as i recall, with a beautiful laquer front) in the late 1980's that i bought from primus audio in kc, mo, and used with a tube pre. very very nice ss amp. neutral, powerful...what good ss should be. drove huge frieds and duntechs like it owned them. only thing that has ever rivaled that amp for those qualities is my current accuphase.
coloured equipmnet
at least 1000 hours for burn-in
many revisions and new models so you loose value
good sound
rather terse description: "coloured equipment"
AFAIK, ALL equipment is coloured starting from Wavac's $250,000 SET to Adcom's cheapest amplifier & everything in between!
So, can you explain a bit more in what way you find Symphonic Line equipment coloured? And, you could not live w/ this colour?
(it appears that you did like the gear as you said both 'coloured equipment' & 'good sound')
Cheers Bombay!
Electronics have good PS and careful in/output stages and preserve phase integrity, esp cdp & amps (hence, comments such as "fast", "excellent bass", "drive anything" etc). The bigger amps, such as Bombay's excellent rg4, go easily very low (Hz) and have a lot of current reserves, to retain stability at very low loads (1ohm) without special modding; hence, with some spkrs' voicing that gives small prominence to mid-bass/upper mid freq, you hear a euphonic "bloom" as in tubes. Kops possibly refers to this as "coloured" -- in my take it;s the spkrs FR that's "coloured".
Good harmonic structure to the sound, the phase characteristics are excellent -- it makes very music enjoyable. Their bigger deep classA amps are wide-bandwidth.
Overall, excellent sound (note: I listen to classical and acoustic music & blues).
To date amongst the nicest, more musically correct and enjoyable ss. Admittedly, they play lovely music.
BTW, I also like YBA a lot, Goldmund, Spectral, FM Acoustics, Plinius... (amps)

BUT there's no free lunch:
They are expensive, cumbersome (big) and invariably heavy. Most products come with a external heavy PS which means TWO boxes or more (bar the power amps, of course). Which in turn means that, say, yr "integrated" amp doesn't integrate half the PS, so y're left with two or more boxes again -- as in a pre/power combo... At elast you only have one power cord (usually; I have two, for one box)
Coloured: external colouring is nickel, dark gray or light gray. That's another "colour" point Kops may have been referring to. The shiny products look better if you shine them every now & then and Symhponic provides the stuff to shine them with -- but it;s a nuisance to shine them rather than listen to music.

Amazingly, the products are very sensitive to how you play with the chassis res freq: using points, cones, & the like, various supports, etc, change the tonal balance. Of course, you can easily just plonk them on their own feet and be done with it.
Most amps go hot and even hotter in summer.

Other than that they're well constructed and quite reliable. I used to (softly) kick my RG4 "on" (same amps Bombay has) and then kick them "off". Saved me bending over. In fact I rarely kicked them off, just left them on all the time.

Anything else you'd like to know?
How-dee-doo Gregm! Thanks for chiming in.
Now, if could just get a reply from Kops.......