Syd Barret - RIP

Syd Barret, the Crazy Diamond, passed away las Sunday at the age of 60 from problems derivated from diabetes.

I've always thought that The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is the work of a genius and Syd really was one also shown on his two solo albums.
Shine On.
Wonder what his life was like all these years on.Know that floyd got him Royalties bu am assuming this was only for work he played on.If anybody knows and details or where on line the story might lie please let us know.And his death wonder if fi this death was brought on ealrier than it might have becvause oif his other illness.An chiold genius who became a an enigma it is sad.
I know that childhood friend Dave Gilmour checked in on him every now and then to make sure his checks were delivered. There is a picture of him in Nicholas Schaffner's "A Saucerful of Secrets" taken in 1980 near his home. Apparently he painted during these later years; I can only hope that eventually these works, for better or worse, will be made available for public viewing. Syd was one of a kind, and he burned brightly in the music world for a very short time.

His influence will always be felt. Paul McCartney told them while they were recording "Piper..." coincidently with Beatles recording "Sgt Pepper..." down the hall at Abbey Road that Floyd was the way of the future...

The Roundhouse was THE PLACE to be in 1967 London. Floyd was the main act and virtually everyone who was anyone in the rock indutry went to these all night events. Ah to have seen the band strike up Astonomy Domine at the crack of dawn.

I think that what strikes me most when seeing Dave perform is that there is a little bit of Syd in him. After all, they were close childhood friends and Dave has always been a humble non-rock-god even though his musical skills will always be among the top of the rock heap.

That line in "High Hopes" that says "There was a ragged band that followed in our footsteps, running before time took our dreams away."

Yeah even twelve years ago Dave still remembered what Syd brought to the table.

One of Syd's last comments about where he was in terms of music were when he said briefly in a rare interview that his head was "full of dust and guitars."
He did receive around 100k a year for royalties and as far as I know he painted houses for a ''living''.
If you check Syd'd web page you can see pics of him from the 90's.
i recently read in the BBC that at a Live8 reunion gig, just prior to striking up "wish you were here", gilmore was reported to say "this one is for everyone who couldn't be here tonight. especially Syd."

i listened to that record last night. must say i've been down ever since Syd died (along w/ bill miller, sinatra's famed long-time pianist).

no doubt, britney spears will live forever. egads!
I t has long been said that wish you were here was wrote for Sid
Big Floyd fan here. Got a question. In your opinions, how different would the band's music be if Syd had remained with the band?
Nothing we know today as Floyd would exist if Sid had remained. As much as I loved his impact, there has been a huge influence from Gilmour and I think Waters would also be playing second fiddle. There would be no DSOTM, no WYWH, no MLOR, no Animals, no Division Bell, etc. But, god only knows what we might have had instead.

...and no TW.

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