Switching OFF Classe CA401?

I have brought a brand new CA401 and I have a question to ask regarding turning OFF the Amp.
When I press the button once to turn it off, it brinks red and goes back to power ON.
If I press the button once and it brinks and I press it again, the Amp will shut down.
Is this normal to your amp? If not, will it be a problem if I keep on doing this. I don,t want to take it back for service unless it is necessary.
Sounds like the amp may have a "standby" mode. Pressing it once puts it into standby and then pressing it again turns it all the way off. This is just a guess, but you might want to read the manual to confirm this. Sean
I own my CA401 for few years. Normally, I only need to press once to turn off the amp. Occasionally it does the same thing as you described but not very often. You should talk to your dealer about this.
Thanks CM. I have spoken to them and they think that the button and switches is misaligned. Anyway I heard that Classe amps could get blown off very easily! Any connection loosening up from speaker to amp will end up blowing off that half of the amp! Is that true form your experience?
It mates very well with my Thiels 2.4. I am happy with my decision. I am using Meridian 506/24 and Audio Research sl-16 pre. I am getting big sound with warmth and air and very good bass and sound stages. My old Audio Research VTM120 sounds a little cleaner and sharper. But over all, the Classe mates much better with the 2.4.
Tell me about your set up if you have time.