Switching from MM to MC - my experiences

Having spent a lot of time using and writing about the Ortofon 2M series of Moving Coil cartridges, I though that it was time in my HiFi life to try to experience and understand Moving Coils.

I had just bought the Denon 103R when Henley Designs (the main distributers for many fine HiFi brands in the UK) offered to lend me an Ortofon Rondo Red which allowed me to not just share my experience of my preparation and move from MM to MC but also to document how this may differ depending on which cartridge you chose to go with.

Please find below a link to the article I've put on my blog, which hopefully captures my experience and may be of use to those who are either looking to make the switch or are wondering what all the fuss was about (which I admit was one of my motivators).


I'm obviously not a professional write (so forgive me for that) but I hope you enjoy the read.


Thank you for posting such well thought out and thorough write-up of the two cartridges. Your passion for audio and analog really shows and is much appreciated and admired. You being humble about your writing is also admirable and do not worry about forgiveness - none is needed. I enjoyed your read very much.

BTW, my first MC, purchased in the late seventies, was a 103D and I enjoyed it immensely. The fact that they are still being made is indeed a testament to their greatness.

Thanks again and good day from the other side of the pond ;-)
Dear Theapplechap: I can't remember when but this is the second time I read this kind of thread/post.

Anyway a good reading. I can't be sure through your cartridge set up in your review if the Ortofon MMs were showing its best due to the " right " load impedance and capacitance. I can't know if with those Ortofon 2M models you tested it different impedance values, different capacitance values and different combinations on those impedance and capacitance values.

As any LOMC cartridge any MM/MI cartridge to shows at its best must be loaded correctly, with out this electrical " correctly " set up a cartridge comparison could be not conclusive.

In the other side your thread " swtiching from MM to MC.. " is IMHO not an universal meaning but only that you switched from the 2M black to the Rondo/103 but IMHO no more than this.

With different cartridges in a different set up or even in the same analog rig/set up conclusions could be different.

I see MM/MIs and LOMC cartridges as two alternatives where neither are perfect but for to have a better appreciation on either alternative IMHO is a must to have wide experiences with several LOMC cartridges and wide experiences with MM/MIs cartridges too.

Anyway as I said a good reading, a good explanation on your specific experiences.

Regards and enjoy the music,