Switching device for speaker source

I have a A/V 5-channel 75W receiver. Now I'm auditioning a 2-channel 185W amp. I noticed the volume from the amp is way higher than from the receiver. This may cause imbalance between the central-channel and LR front speakers when playing DVD movies. Is there a device I can connect speaker wires from both receiver and aml to it and select the source depending on whether I listen to music or play HT stuff? What's its cost? Does it have any side-effect when doing so? Thanks. Mike C
I'm not the most informed guy,BUT;can't help running your signal that way.If your reciever has pre outs,you just change where the ic are plugged.If you don't have pre outs get a pre amp to go with your amp.Still have to change manually Backward: speaker,amp, pre out(or pre amp)for 2 ch. For ss,change to fronts out instead of pre/pre out.
Sorry,I doubt your reciever has fronts out.I have a stand alone processor;they all have this.(got confused)They also have analog switching.Recievers are a great shortcut.Even my big $$ processor has a bypass for stereo only.It kills the heart of the music.There are switchers out there. We'll have to wait and hitch onto the next guy to help you out.
A few solutions, although I'm not sure what your receiver alows you to do as for as pre-outs and ins. My first suggestion would be to spend about $35 at Rat Shack and get a SPL meter. You should be able to calibrate your channel outputs to make everything "even". Second, if your center channel speaker is bi-ampable - use the two freed-up channels on your receiver to bi-amp the center channel (I'm doing that with a 2-channel amp with great results). If you want to go through a speaker selector switching box, Niles Audio makes several versions. Though not "true" audiophile grade, they are pretty darn good! Good luck!
As an "odd" fix, try an attenuated Kimber Interconnect to match the impedances of the 2 units. If switching boxes are your thing, QED makes some great one. with a little bit of soldering, you can overhaul if with better cable, and maybe even some higher grade connectors (try some WBT's)