Switches setting for M5-HP with the 2WQ at 80Hz

I purchased two used 2Wq subwoofers and M5-HP balanced high pass crossovers on Audiogon. M5-HP high pass filter (100Hz crossover) and 2Wq subs(80Hz crossover) .I am looking for the a "cheat sheet" showing the revised settings when using the M5-HP balance with the 2WQ
send an email to the mfgr cust serv dept.
I guess they started printing the settings right on the crossover cover sometime after yours were made.

There's no 80K setting on mine, but there is a 50 and a 100.

Assuming that they have not changed the switch settings*:

For 50K, set 1, 3, 5, 7, 10

For 100K, set none

Try both. One will likely be clearly better.

* +1 on checking with Vandersteen!
I already left 3 voice messages and 3 emails on Vandersteen web sites about 3 weeks ago to ask the instruction. There is no response. That's why, I am asking a help from this forum.
The Printing setting right on the crossover cover is for 100Hz crossover which is using for 5A or Quard Vandersteen speaker. When M5-HP is using for 2Wq subs, there are difference switches setting for 80Hz crossover. I used the volmeter to know my amp impedance 40K. Anyone knows the right switches setting for 40K in M5-HP balance (different from M5-HP single end) please let me know. Thanks
Also, make sure the batteries are still good. I also picked up a used pair of these, and the first thing I did was have a Vandy dealer install new batteries (they are soldered in). If you do so, spring for the Lithium 9 volt batteries with the longest "fresh until" date you can find.

I have never had trouble getting ahold of Vandersteen, actually, Richard Vandersteen himself. I am guessing this might have to do with the Spring Break/Easter holiday season. I would call back next week.
Hi Bondmanp,
You are using M5-HP with a pair 2Wq subwoofers. Can you share the M5-HP balance switch settings for 80Hz crossover?
Thank you