Switch or not to switch...interconnects

I have heard in person and read about (here on Agon) how good Musical Concepts' "Super Connect IV" interconnects are for 2 channel audio. If true, this has to be an incredible bargain because they retail for only $59.00 per meter. Some reviews said that this $59.00 interconnect easily competes with cables costing $1,000 or more. At $59 bucks I thought I'd get some to see for my self. However, in the name of saving $59 bucks, I was wondering if I need just one or two sets.

Currently I have some older Audioquest (Quartz) between pre-amp and amp, but some good Audioquest (albeit old) between DAC and preamp (the pure silver "Lapis"). I was thinking of trying the "Super Connect IV" between the per-amp and amp, but was wondering if I should also go ahead and change out the Lapis as well???
Any thoughts are always greatly appreciated.

Yes -- do the two sets. It will be tough to get the full effect otherwise. I assume that there is some sort of try before you buy trial period. If you find that only one set does the trick, you can always return the other. Good luck. Be sure to allow for burn-in time.