switch from Tekton 6.5t to Tekton mini Lore?

Thinking about making this switch to get more base response. Room is small 14' w x 16' d and speakers will be about 12" from back wall. They will be about 10' apart. All details about my system including a picture of the current setup is on my system page.

- What will I give up with this upgrade?
- What will I gain with this upgrade besides more bass (50hz vs 38hz low freq response)?
- Is my room too small for the mini Lores?

Don't think I want to go with a powered sub. Not much room to play with placement in my current room.

As a FYI, it looks like the Tekton 6.5t speakers are no longer made. I wonder why, as they sound great for their size...

Bass is a funny thing. It's all dependent on how the speaker works with your room. Sometimes a smaller speaker will give a more satisfying bass response than a larger one because of the way it interacts with the room. IMO, in the average living room space, it's all trial and error till you find what works.
Amen Chayro.
I used a pair of tiny Totem Rainmakers for years in a small 11x 13 bedroom, sounded good, but nothing like their famous Stereophile review that basically said they were greatest speaker of all-time.
On a whim I tried them in a 20x 17 room and those 4" drivers
filled that space with NO problem and sounded like the review if not better!
Totem, like Dynaudio, are generally big hitters for their size and also benefit from lots of room to breathe.
I was comparing Tektons, not Totems, but Eric at Tekton mentions a lot of similar characteristics his speakers share with Totems.

Have had some very nice looking Tekton Mini Lores in walnut setup in my main room (see system details) pretty much the same location as my Tekton 6.5t monitors on nice stands. Overall, the Mini Lores are a more dynamic and fuller sounding speaker compared to the 6.5t monitors. But the Lores also sounded a little slower. After getting Soundocity Outriggers (model SEV9 bolted right up to the spike mounts on the Mini Lores) installed on the Mini Lores, I now hear the same pace and imaging as the 6.5t monitors but the Lores are more musical with fuller range (I don't think I would ever need more bass in my room).

If you have any of Eric's Tekton Lores, I would recommend getting some Outriggers from Paul at Soundocity! I am not affiliated with either company.

Will post updated picts soon.
Went back to my Tekton 6.5t monitors. I think they sound and work better in my room. They 6.5t monitors just sound more lively and fun to listen to during a session. Might be a combination of the rear vs front port and the 6.5t are a really nicely sized cabinet for monitor characteristics with more lower end than you think. My friend liked the sound of my mini lores (he liked their more refined sound, just like Eric from Tekton described them), so he ended up buying them from me.