Switch 7-8 rca type analog channels

I've got a situation where I'd like to be able to go out from my PC (m-audio revolution 7.1 card) and then either go to a receiver/amp or straight to a rack of amps. Mostly for A/B testing (the receiver/amp is a Harmon Kardon and I'm using it as my "home user" reference vs. my rack and Paradigm studio 100 ref 3's as my "affordable high-end" reference).

Anyone know where I can find a high quality box that would perform this type of function? Basically 7-8 RCA ins to two sets of the same number of outs and a switch I'm guessing rotary 16 position to go from one to the other. I could build one, but I'm concerned about the quality I'd end up with and I don't want this to become a serious weak-spot, so I was hoping someone had done it with either high-end make/break type switches or even electronically (which would be interesting). Ideas, suggestions, please!

Unless you buy two units, I believe that the most that the Zektor's can switch per unit is 5.1.

I too am looking for a 7.1 audio switch solution to feed the new highdef audio formats from both a HD-DVD and BD player to the 7.1 analog inputs on my pre/pro.

Anyone have any other ideas?