Swiss cables

Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with Swiss Cables
Very neutral, but always on time.  ;-)

Any particular manufacture?  You have to figure, where EVERYBODY is buying their materials from.

Other than "I have a new idea", or "made with swiss hands", not a lot of difference. Made at high altitude? Made close to tulip nurseries, or cannabis fields. 

Postage, import, export taxes, labor and material cost.  Is there a material they, have, you can't get anywhere else, or at a cost no one can match?

Thoren (use to be a Swedish based company), I have a lot of their stuff, German, Austrian, Belgian, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian, parts in them though. Just sayin' :-). Got to buy them somewhere..


I have heard them, and they sound very neutral (no pun intended) Link to a review below.
I'm auditioning a pair of there Evoulution rca interconnects between dac and amp,they are neutral,i seem to be hearing more from my cd collection.
Had Swiss Symo cables for my Apogee Duetta Signature speakers. They used Litz construction so very labor intensive with a price tag to match. According to Apogee, these were the best cables available. Never found reason to question them.
I remember a dealer demo with ProAc Response 2 speakers, a McCormack CD player and amp and Symo cables. I have never since heard something even nearly as holographic. It was as if the musicians were in the room in three dimensions, full size. I wish that I could recreate that. I don't know how much of that was down to the cables.

I have an audition approaching soon. Will update you here once demo is accomplished.

Happy Listening!
@jafant  Can I ask which dealer you are getting the cables from for a demo?
Sure- Ellington HiFi. Proprietor: Tony Barnette
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Original post on the topic should read Swisscables all one word is the manufacturer sorry.
my pleasure.  Happy Listening!
my audition has been pushed back into December on the Dealer/retailer end. I requested the Reference interconnects (RCA and XLR) plus speaker cables. I will post here once the 1st demo is accomplished.
Happy Listening!
Is it possible for you to audition them at home in your system,which is what i'm doing at the moment