Swiss Army Knife of audio discs

I just purchased a disc that is a bit different from my usual classical preference. AIX records, "John McEuen and Jimmy Ibbotson Nitty Gritty Surround" (Bluegrass).

I bought it as a DVD-A, and so it is. However, on the flip side I found a DVD-V program. Between the two sides I get:
DVD-A 5.1 program.
Dolby 5.1 program..."Audience" sonic perspecitve.
DTS 5.1 program....."Stage" sonic perspective.
Stereo mix.
Video of the performance.
Another video from a different camera angle
Bios, interviews, rehersal footage and photos.
System setup instructions and test signals
Internet Web connections (if you play the disc in your computer)
I have probably missed something.

By the way, the performance is good, and the sonic quality excellent. AIX records emphasize the technical aspects of their recording process and the equipment used. In particular, the Dolby and DTS programs are comparable to the DVD-A program. Because their mix is deliberately different it is hard to make an exact comparison. It is really a matter of taste.

You may not care about all these features, but they sure do make for a "packed with value" product. I don't see how SACD can survive with discs like this around.