Sweetest SS preamp for Classical?

I am thinking seriously about replacing my Modulus 3a with a solid state, full-function (i.e. phono) preamp. I listen almost exclusively to classical music and would prefer recommendations from others who do likewise. I do not believe that people who listen to acoustic music are after the same sound as those who listen to electronically generated or modified sound.
I find that, ultimately, no matter how much all other considerations are important (e.g. dynamics, soundstage, detail, grain or veiling, etc. etc.), what matters most to me is instrumental timbre and smoothness. No, that does not mean that I will accept a congealed closed-down sound as long as it's mellow; but, knowing that compromises are necessary, I will opt for the compromise that offers the "sweetest" sound.
Since it is not possible for me to hear most of the preamps I might actually buy, I am asking for advice regarding best ones to check out for, say, about the cost (used) of my used AA Modulus (c.$1000).
While I appreciate all responses, I would really like something from classical listeners and more than just, "My Scooby-Doo Nuclear Preamp sounds real good."
Why would you change to SS when tubrs usually do give the 'sweetest" sound? You can, however, do better than the Modulus 3A. I have one and my NYAL Moscode Minuet sounds much more transparent
I like Krell for Classical. You don't get the problem with the forward highs of Krell and classical music is usually recorded better than a lot of genres. Krell excels with good recordings.
Plinius 8200 mk2 or 9200 intergrated, very true to the timbre of the sound, i'm violinist myself so timbre is a big thing for me. Since you don't listen to rock, then you should give Plinius a listen, since its weakness is in rock and electronic music.
A bit above your price range, but the Ayre Ax7e has the most faithful presentation of timbre that I have heard. I am a cellist and bassist. See the thread on timbre "Amplifier reproduction of instrument Timbre" further down in this forum.
Joule-Electra LA-150 preamp. You can buy it here for about $1.5k.

Well, I never auditioned solid state preamp, regarless of the price which I like. I am professional cello player and I pay for it. However, if you want low maintence of ss preamp the LA-150 is yours.

1) it uses srand by switch - so its always ready to go
2) tubes last 5-10 years and replacement with NOS tubes is very cheap
3) It has two outputs about 350 Ohms and and 1200 Ohms. If you will select 1200 Ohms impedance then life spane of your tubes will double.

4) Oh, I almost forgot - you like music and most of all timbre accuracy.... sorry, chap - for your budget I ain;t know any better (it got HP of TAS Golden Ear Award 2007)

All The Best In Your Search!
P.S. I am biased - I own J-E flagship LA-300ME which I believe is the best prwamp in the world....period and I listen to LA-150 too..