Sweetest sounding 12AU7?

I have a Rogue 66 Magnum that came with Radiotechnique tubes.I have had these before in my old 99 phonostage along with some Telefunken 12AX7's
The old 99 phonostage sounded very good with this combination.
In the 66 linestage the R.T.'s sound somewhat bright.Im not sure how many hours are on them but I know they are fairly new.
Im wondering what a good 12AU7 would be for the 66.
I also have a pair of Sylvania's that came with the 66 but havent listened to them.I would guess they arent that great.
Any leads for a sweet and warm 12AU7?
Anyone have experience with Tungsram?

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I liked the sound of Amperex Holland labelled "Heirlein" or something like that. Tamed some bright or forward upper mid range problems as voltage stage in a Llano Trinity hybrid amp.
Just pulled them out. Generic tube box is labelled Heerlen but tube itself says Dumont Made in Holland. It presumably is an Amperex.