Sweet sounds of

I was telling my wife tonight that when we get back from Jamaica I was going to finish the basement and put my stereo down there. She replied "if it's down there I won't be able to party. Why don't just get a whole new system for down there and leave this one here. You make the money, just get new stuff for down there." Love is in the air.
Buy her something nice too dude- you're on a roll :)
something is wrong here... why can't she party down there? my stereo is a wild party machine.
g_m_c: Perhaps her meaning of 'party' is like working around the house and listening to music... rather than another definition.
And if it is to have here friends over, most women would MUCH rather be in a living room or kitchen, than a den or basement to get together.
For once,Listen to Your Wife, do as You are told man...

She is giving you the "green light" basically,

to buy another System.Fun,fun,fun!

You may never, get this chance ever again.

Another chance, to be creative, with a New sound system,

for the basement.

"To use Horn Speakers", or not?(I just could not resist.)

Sounds like Fun!

I Love Music
I would be at the store. So much to get in a short time. She could change her mind, it is her prerogative ya know.
Not only is she NOT changing her mind, she just said "why don't you build it a little bigger and put a bar in". It's gonna be a while, probably next spring, but it shal be done!