Sweet Baby James, ever remastered ?

Have to replace my original as it has a scratch on it. I even like the sound of the standard cd, analog noise and all, but since its one of my favorites , just thought I'd check. thanks.
The Australian pressing sounds pretty good! Will have the #18432 (the original Warner version will have the #W2-1843).
The backside will have "manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australasia [not, I didn't misspell...that the actual spelling] on the lower left, printed on the J-card. The actual jewel case will be embossed on the back with "Digital Audio Technologies Australia" in a square on the lower right corner. Kicks ass over the anemic original USA CD. In general, I have found that the Australian pressed CD's (standard non-audiophile aluminum) consistently have the best overall audio quality and tonal balance sounding better than that of any other country's CD's! Actually, many Australian CD's sound way better than most Mofi gold CD's!
Dunno either, but I've always thought the CD transfer on Warner Bros. 1843-2 sounded remarkably good too. Except for the "napalm bomb" line, great album!
I have a copy of a Warner Bros. release on reel to reel tape, which, even though recorded at 3.75 ips sounds quite respectable. For some reason, guitar and vocals come across quite convincingly on R2R.

I also bought the DVD, "James Taylor Live At The Beacon Theater," on Columbia Music Video, CVD 50171. The May '98 concert contains about 25 songs, many old hits and some new material and it appears to be very well done. It shows Taylor's sense of humor; and the musical performance & recording is, well, "sweet". I definitely recomment it to JT fans. Although I don't think it contains "Sweet Baby James," it has most of JT's other hits.
Fatparrot writes:
manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australasia
This term is used when referring to the combined Australian and New Zealand market.

Metralla, thanks for the clarification! I thought it meant Australia and Asia. Didn't realize that it refered to New Zealand.