Sweden's Opus 3 label LP...one of the best

I recieved todat via Ebay my first OPUS 3 LP..Gitarr-Kvartetten II with music by Bach and Telemann...its an Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar, Soprano Guitar and regular classical guitar...
I must say, I think its the finest guitar LP I have,,,the tone and guitar body resonances are bautifully captured, as well as the guitar arrangement in the room..Technically I think the guys are very very good..
I wish the notes mentioned if they used tubes or SS to record and produce..
Jack, for the period up through 1979, when Gitarrkvintetten II was recorded, Hansen and Persson were using one of three recorders: Telefunken M12, Telefunken M28 or Revox G36 HS. This information is from the insert in my copy of Test Record 1 "Depth of Image" with includes a cut from the Gitarrkvintetten record. These were all two channel 1/4" recorders, but whether any were tubed or not, I don't know.

Of greater impact may be their choice of microphones: AKG C12 tube, AKG C24 stereo tube, Neumann SM-69 stereo tube.

Interesting too is their listed monitoring equipement as of this period: Dynaco Stero 70, Capella electrostatic speakers.

I agree with your reaction to the Opus 3 LP. They made wonderfully natural, very realistic recordings using the most simple and direct recording techniques possible. Minimalist, and all the better for it.
I agree with Rushton. Got me some of their Swedish Jazz LP's as well as their test records (Cuts are on the "test" records). OK jazz but outstanding sonics. For any readers who are interested someone is selling the "Test" records thru an AGon auction. Not me!
Like so many other labels, Opus 3 had to stop pressing vinyl back in the '90s; they held out for a long time. I've been delighted to see them return to some limited vinyl production over the past couple of years. The recent Eric Bibb recordings have been released on vinyl; "Good Stuff" sounds fantastic. Test Record 4 was issued on vinyl after being available on CD only, and recently they've added "Showcase" and a new Knud Jorgensen jazz recording. Opus 3 has been holding true to it roots by recording in analog.