SWARM / Multi subwoofer questions

So this is for the peeps that know what "SWARM" means not just loud but Headroom, Sound stage, and for Music only. I have an all sealed system and getting excellent results with two Hsu ULS `15's on opposite sides of my room and my Dunlavys. I will be adding a 3rd for Fathers day to myself. So question is who makes a bass EQ to help make it as perfect as it can get? I bought a DSpeaker 8033 and a mini DSP with questionable results... Actually like it better running speaker level off my Pass Aleph. Possibly I just dont know what Im doing actually really good possibility. but I would love an outboard X Over that actually works for a swarm set up. I know JL Audio makes a CR1 but it gives me angst to spend 2-3K and Im sure there has to be some pro Equipment out there especially given that Im running my speakers Full range and dont need a high pass. Any advice is greatly appreciated! 


Here is a review of ULS 15's with specs supposed to be plus and minus 2 db from 20 to 100 hz. Speakers are Dunlavy SC 3's and annoying ruler flat to 50 or a lil deeper. Get the right gear and they are CLS, Avalon, Soundlab, Watt Puppy magic. least to me.  

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Here is a long article about how it works and set up.I have four subwoofers that I can dial in individually for my two channel set up.The DEBRA swarm system is more 'room friendly' and I would have gone that way if I didn't have two SVS subs already.I just added two more.No DSP needed.No need to spend $$$ on subs with room correction software.Millercarbon and noble100 will jump in I'm sure with more information for you.I love what it does for my system and highly recommend it.There is no downside.I don't believe you will ever read that someone tried it and took it back out because it didn't work with their system:)