Swapping Rotel RCD971 to Luxman D500xs..wise move?

Hi Audiogon folk,
need some advice please..I've been using a Rotel RCD971 for the past year which I bought used at an audiounion store in japan. My question is I have come across an interesting looking cd player - the luxman D500x's and wonder if it would be worth trading my rotel in for this.
I have no idea what it sounds like yet or whether it would better the Rotel. It seems to be built like a tank , however it was made in the early 90's so it is older than the rotel. The cost on top of the trade is very little. I did a google but not so much user info came up. Just old catalogue listing/ ads.
Any suggestions? I do like the Rotel the only thing is recently I have found myself listening to more LPs on my old sony PSE-4000 turntable as the listening experience has become more enjoyable.
Anyhow, just wondered if anyone had experience with the luxman and whether it's a good idea to swap cdplayers.
Old CD players are a guess as to how many hours on the laser. I put 5 years 10 hours a day, every day, on one. (built like a tank), or it might have sat in a box for eight years....
The Rotel is good. Swapping it for one you have not even heard play.. not so good.
Remember, if the Luxman breaks, you are gonna be totally out of luck.
Eye candy is a problem we all have... Resist yours desire.
Why trade a good cd player for an older unit that is not only going to cost you more money, it may not sound as good or be reliable and you admit you are more into Vinyl....why not save money and spend it on music (what a novel idea!)

Thanks Elizabeth - Yes, I do agree.I'll get a chance to listen to the Luxman over the weekend but we're talking about listening to cds in a store that doesn't have the same conditions as home. I had to do the same with the Rotel or rather I bought it based on recommendations. User recommendations is one thing that I can't find about that particular luxman. BUT I admit the 'eye candy' factor had a definite overwhelming influence..and that can cause irrational thinking regarding purchasing decisions. I suppose the extra money that would have been spent can be put to better use elsewhere..

- Chadnliz - thanks, I've been on a vinyl buying frenzy over the past few months which oddly enough made me feel slighty guilty about leaving all my cds stacked on the shelf and having the Rotel look redundant..so my attempt to rejuvenate my cd collection was to make a side-ways move on cd players.
I feel I've gone full circle in terms of format dating back from the 80's as a kid until now.
vinyl & cassettes - CD - minidisc - pc wavs - vinyl.

anyway, thanks guys for the sensible advice.