Swapping Paradigm studio 100 tweeter to Beryllium

I own paradigm studio 100 v5 for a couple of years, and wondered whether it is possible to swap the original G-Pal tweeter with the signature P-Be Beryllium tweeter.

Tweeter sizes apear to be the same.

I read only about one person who actually performed this swap, which, according to his testimony, made wonders to the speaker. Since he was banned from that forum, a complete feedback could not be achieved..

Due to the signature overpricing, I'm considering this option.

I would love to have feedback whether anyone else performed this swap, and their feedback: compatebility, final performance, P-Be pricing, crossover issues..

Thanks in advance for your responses!
Dunno, but I'll tell ya that I own the S8 v2 which has Be tweeters. The Paradigm Be tweeter is one of the best on the market today. Other high end brands that use Be tweeters include Magico and Usher.

Btw, just read somewhere that the cost of neodynium super magnets has sky-rocketed. Guess what Paradigm uses in its mid-range and tweeter driver motor assemblies??

Bottom line: call Paradigm and see if there is a Be tweeter that you can "drop" into your speakers. Main issue is whether the Be tweeter is a simple drop in. There may be other compatibility issues, e.g., cross-over, driver matching, time and phase coherence, etc.

I'm guessing that the beryllium tweets are expensive. I'm interested in what you find out as I just got some studio 20's two days ago after owning studio 10's for three months. On a side note, how long did you play your speaker at moderate levels before really cranking them? I think I played my 10's too loud too soon. About day number 2, I turned them up, too loud obviously, and heard a slight pop from one speaker. After that, my mid and tweeter, from that one speaker, made a popping / distorted noise whenever I played them loud. By contrast, the speaker that didn't pop, could be played three, four, even five db's loder. What do you think?
Hi there,

Thank you for your responses.
Further search of prior swaps retrieved few actual tweeter swapping.


Paradigm technical support feedback is that the current (v3) Signature tweeter is different from the v2 due to different voice coil, and crossover. He also added that the v2 and v3 signature tweeters aren't swappable, and that both do not match the Studio 100.

Nevertheless, I would like to receive actual feedback from this forum members, due to past positive feedback.
My understanding is that the tweeter did NOT change in the S8 v3 model. Instead, the v3 modified the midrange and bass drivers to make the overall speakers 3db more efficient. Paradigm says that the changes result in the v3 being more "dynamic" than the v2, whatever that means.
It seems that my local authorized distributor is already aware of the option to swap studio tweeters to Beryllium.

My request to buy locally signature tweeters was replied that Paradigm tweeters are sold to end customers, only when the customer has Signature speaker, which I clearly don't.

Any feedback?
I wonder why they would only sell them to you if you already have sig's. Could it be that they do just drop in, and then you have something very close to sig's for half the money? I'm calling paradigm tomorrow to see what's up!
Good news!
Tomorrow I'm supposed to receive two Sig Beryllium tweeters from the store I bought the speakers from, to demonstrate the change, for the rest of the weekend!

In case the swap will succeed, I believe that the right order will be placed..

I'll be happy to share my knowledge with the forum members.
Tiv . . ., just curious, did you call Paradigm to check if the Sig Be tweeter is a simple drop in. There may be other compatibility issues, e.g., cross-over, driver matching, time and phase coherence, etc.
Swapping performed.

Swapping was performed from Paradigm Sig 8 v2 speaker.

The good news is that the swap is very simple and quick. realising only 4 screws that hold the tweeter, and connecting the new one.

The bad news is that I'm not completely satisfed with the new sound. it is less twittering therefore in some songs it feels better and in some does not.

I'm adding pictures to illustrate the change.

Original Studio 100 v5 speaker:

The Beryllium tweeter:

Studio 100 after the swap completed:
Tivanlasik, any updates of what you think or any changes?
A new 30th anniversary Studio 100 with a berillium tweeter, a new crossover, all new Signature series drivers has just come out $$$. It's not called a Studio 100, the and a new base. The Special Edition Studio model is the Tribute. They also came out with a special edition Studio 20.
That's probably is a prelude of the future Studio v6 lineup. That's the way Paradigm proceeds, trickeling down the performing drivers down to the lower lines of products. The studio tweeter is now showing up in monitor lineup so it's only normal they will start adding the newer drivers to the Studio line as they come up with new drivers in the Signature serie.
Hi just found this thread on your swap and wondering how you like it now or if you swapped back, I was thinking of doing the same thing with V3 100's I'm running them with a Bryston 14B and a BP20 pre and when I crank it, it gets to bright in the top end. Let me know if your interested in selling them.
Fyi ... I heard the Paradigm Tribute about 18 months ago at a dealer. I hate to tell you what it did to another A'gon favorite brand speaker when I "A/B'ed" the two speakers using the same amp. If speakers had tails (not tales), the other brand crawled out of the dealer's showroom on its metaphorical woofers.

And the nice part about it was that I didn't need a cranial bubble level, custom cables, or a protractor to listen to the Tribute. I just sat in a chair and listened. By contrast, I felt like I was in an eye doctor's chair with my chin in a fixed position when I listened to the other brand. If I move my head 1 inch, the sound image shifted -- for the worse.

So here's my question to the Forum .... how does Paradigm manage to pack so much speaker into a cabinet and charge so little??
I'm an owner of the Paradigm S6 v2. I don't know what their secret is, but they really are onto something with the beryllium. They image like nothing I've owned.