Swapping atlantis biwires for signal ultra wires?

just wondering what u think will be the outcome. I have had these atlantis biwires for a while and would like to try something new without breaking the bank. More less an experiment. Do u think they will hang with my much older wires? i run a pioneer elite 39tx reciever, nad c541 cdp with tara vector ic. The speakers are psb stratus golds. thanks for replies will post my findings.
My recommendation is this.

With all the money that you will have saved by:

(1) returning the Sonance amp to the store;
(2) leaving the captive power cord on the NAD cdp alone; and
(3) sticking with the Atlantic biwires;

buy one of the Musical Fidelity A5 or A308 integrateds currently on sale on A'gon.

Then your psbs will start to sing.